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Next gen peering solutions for your business

Dynamic Access and Cross-Connect System - Internet Exchange (DACS-IX) is an IX that does more for your business.
Use Public, Private, Interexchange, and Direct Internet peering to:
reduce OPEX | reduce transit costs | connect to a desired networking endpoint | securely connect multiple sites | provide direct internet | and much more...
Don't know how to get started?  We offer P.a.a.S. (peering as a service).  No prior knowledge required, we supply everything - even an AS#!
Connect with us today!

Public Peering

A shared fabric connection 
DACS-IX supplied port and IP
1gig | 10gig | 40gig
Advertise and participate in peering via
Can Help You:
Reduce Latency
Control Costs
Securely Expand Network
Public Peering
private peering

Private Peering

VLAN connection between two members of DACS-IX
Facilitates elite multi-site connectivity
Can Help You:
Save Money
Increase Security
Streamline Network
Interexchange Peering

Interexchange Peering

Access to "closed" IX's
DACS-IX facilitates connection to a desired subscriber in a different IX
Can Help You:
Control OPEX
Grow Your Network
Gain Access
Direct Internet Exchange

Direct Internet

Provide access to internet
Can Help You:
Augment or Replace existing ISP
Primary or Redundant


Peering is an established technology that connects internet-based networks to exchange traffic.

Read about peering from the creator of DACS-IX

Although this technology can solve other business-related needs - many members participate in peering to:

  • Increase network performance

  • Reduce network performance latency

  • Increase control over network traffic routing

  • Reduce dependency on transit providers

  • Increase network resiliency

  • Reduce Internet Protocol (IP) transport costs

Our "Dynamic Access and Cross-Connect System - Internet Exchange” (DACS-IX), brings established peering technology to Baltimore, Orlando, and New York City's technology landscape.

DACS-IX utilizes peering technology in its four distinct offerings: public peering; private peering; inter-exchange peering; and direct internet.



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16 Greenmeadow Dr. Suite G103

Timonium, MD 21093

Tel: (410) 760-3447

Payments and Invoices should be sent to:  PO Box 362 | Cockeysville, MD 21030-0362
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